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The Filipino Lifestyle is a team of young and hip professionals with a passion for sharing their insights on topics various about technology, gadgets, travel, food, beauty and fashion with the rest of the online world. The team’s unique mix of hobbies and interest allows The Filipino Lifestyle Blog to be a rich source of information for its readers that is both fun and interesting to read.


Carolyn “Carol” Abedania. Carol is our young travel enthusiast and foodie from the province of Bulacan. An alumnus of a well-known college near the walled city in Manila, her quirky and out-going personality is a perfect match for the travel and food articles she frequently writes about.

Aside from TFL, Carol also manages her own blog – Boundless Trail that acts as her travelogue documenting the places she has visited in the past, along with its culture, people and of course the food. Connect with Carol using her numerous social media profiles.

Stephanie Kay “Phipay” Suyo. Phipay is TFL’s resident fashion and music fanatic. She has been blogging for over two years now and has been an avid follower of various fashion icons as well as other fashion bloggers on the Internet. She graduated with a degree in Marketing in the University of Makati and is currently working as a social media specialist in Mandaluyong.

Phipay’s bubbly and positive personality allows her to view the world like a giant stage where she is the performer; her personal blog – Phipay Takes the Stage is a true testament of this way of thinking. Join Phipay as she shares with you her stories, thoughts about music, beauty and life.

Zyril Elbert “Zy” Gonzales. Zy is TFL’s in-house tech geek. Although he graduated with a degree in the field of Economics, his passion lies not with economic optimization models or monetary and fiscal policies, but in cellphones, computers and the internet. So instead of going in to field research like his classmates, Zy decided to immerse himself in the world of technology and web marketing.

He is currently working as an SEO analyst in the metro and as a contributor for You The Designer, a graphic design blog in the United States. If you want to get in touch with Zy, you can add him in various social media networks.


Alex is a college girl from the south that has a profound admiration to Taylor Swift. In her free time, she likes to watch teen-oriented shows like the Vampire diaries and Pretty Little Liars. She also likes to collect magazines and posters that talks about teen life and those that features her favorite idols.

Benjamin or Benjie to most of his friends is a music and sports lover. He dreams of one day having his own recording and playing for the country's national swimming team.He's currently working as a technical support associate in one of the country's leading outsourcing company.


Kyle is a 28-year old tech junkie from CDO. He is currently working as an associate in a commercial bank but in his spare time loves tinkering with his smartphone and his trusty three year old desktop computer. He also loves playing online games and online poker. And when he's not busy trying to level up his characters in various MMORPG titles, he's probably pigging out in some restaurant or food cart near his apartment.

If there’s anything you want to say or suggest to the team, our lines of communication are always open. Just send us an email and we’ll gladly hear you out.



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