Tech Tuesdays Episode 31: Game On

The gaming console industry is about to experience another major revolution with the rumored arrival of the newest generation of consoles from Sony and Microsoft. Sony is first on the line with the Sony PS4 scheduled to be announced on February 20 in New York while Microsoft is rumored to make public the arrival of the new Xbox by Q3 of 2013.

And as expected rumors and information leaks has spread over the internet like wildfire as the said date draws near. But what should we expect from these new generation of gaming consoles? In this week’s edition of Tech Tuesdays on TFL, we’ve consolidated all information on the internet about these two machines to give us a heads up on what’s to come.


The new Sony PlayStation 4 will be announced tomorrow February 4, 2013 at Manhattan, New York. As for hardware specifications, it will be powered by AMD’s x86 processors and will pack a Radeon GPU with 18 GCN units. There’s probably 4-8GB of RAM of the GDDR5 variety and it has also been rumored to pack around 1.84 teraflops of overall computation power.

As for the controllers, rumors suggest that the PS4 controller will have the same shape and relatively the same dimensions of controllers from previous versions but will now have Vita-like touch sensitive surfaces replacing the usual analog sticks we’ve seen in the past. There are also rumors that it will also have remodeled shoulder buttons as well as an interactive touchscreen at the middle where the start and select button used to be.

Lastly, since the new console will use a new architecture, Sony hopes to solve the problem of backward compatibility with the use of streaming games over the internet. Yes, you heard it right. The PS4 is rumored to have the capability to stream games, specifically those developed for previous versions over the internet.


Microsoft on the other hand plans to release their next generation Xbox gaming console before Christmas of 2013, so we should expect its announcement by Q3 or early Q4 of this year. In contrast to the PlayStation 4, details about the Xbox 720 (assuming it will be called by that name) are still in murky waters.

There’s not much about the new console that is certain for now but according to rumors, the Xbox 720 will have relatively the same specs as its rival – the PlayStation 4 in terms of hardware specifications. Both consoles will be powered by AMD processors and will have powerful GPUs to support graphics intensive games.

As for the controller, rumors suggest that the Xbox 720 might still use a control pad but more emphasis will be given to its Kinect motion based controller technology which is not really that surprising as this technology offers a lot of promise and applications that Microsoft sees as a worthy investment for the future.

Reports also suggest that just like the PS4, the Xbox 720 will have a featured aimed at preventing the use of second hand games. This would mean that users won’t be able to trade in old titles anymore in order to raise funds to purchase new games. A related rumor also suggested that the new console would need an active internet connection in order to play games. This is to ensure that all games played will be tethered to a specific console profile making it hard for anyone to resell games.

Lastly, reports suggest that the Xbox 720 might not be called that way at all and that Microsoft is planning a different route in terms of the name of its new machine. Popular codenames include the Xbox Infinity and Xbox Loop.

What are your thoughts about the PS4 and the Xbox 720? Please do tell us by leaving a comment below. You can also find TFL on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus or subscribe to our blog for other Filipino lifestyle stories.


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