The Pancake House: More Than Just Waffles

For someone who has never visited a Pancake House store, one would assume that this restaurant only serves Pancakes and other types of desserts to its customers.  But in reality, Pancake house is more than just pancakes and waffles and one might be surprised by the amount of variety that these restaurant has in terms of the food they serve.

So when my friends and I visited one of their branches, we were just as surprised to see that they have a lot of dishes to offer. However, having a diverse menu isn’t everything when you’re looking for the best dining experience. So to justify whether or not Pancake House makes the cut as one of the best places to eat in the city, here’s a quick review of our dining experience.


The environment inside Pancake House’s store is very typical of most restaurant and fast food chains in the country. It’s not that fancy but it doesn’t look cheap either. The walls are colored orange making the dining experience quite lively and energetic. Customers can choose if they want to sit on couches or the usual metal chairs.

Lighting inside the store is also quite good. The branch we visited employed soft and warm lighting as opposed to the bright lights used by most fast food chains, which gives the place a very cosy and relaxing feel. Most of the time, there is also music playing in the background that adds to the place’s homy vibe.


As stated earlier, Pancake House offers more than just pancakes and other pastries. A close look at their menu, one can find an assortment of pasta, rice meals and sandwiches. Serving size for pasta is adequate given the prize of each meal. For sandwiches, on the other hand are also quite generously served and are served warm to touch.

The taste of the food is also okay. And when I say okay, I mean the taste of the food is good enough to satisfy your hunger but it’s not the kind of unforgettable food you would want to order again and again each time you eat at that restaurant.

Of course, there’s a reason why the restaurant is named Pancake House. And this is because the star of their menu – their pancakes are superb. The pancake dishes on their menu are served hot probably straight from the pans they were cooked on. They have a healthy serving of 2-3 pieces of pancakes per order and is drizzled with the syrup of your choice topped with a scoop of ice cream.


Customer service for Pancake House can be rated as average. The serving time of most of their dishes are at par with the serving time of other restaurants at the same price level. There weren’t any issues we encountered when we ate there. The tableware that the restaurant uses was all clean and are in good condition. 

Tables and chairs were clean and are cleared a few minutes after a customer leaves. The store’s restroom is also surprisingly well maintained. The only thing that I wish would have been improved is the staff’s lack of initiative to pay close attention to their customer’s needs. During our visit at their branch in SM Megamall, we had to call the staff’s attention twice before they approached us to see what we need.

In my opinion, a restaurant that charges their customers at the rate the same as Pancake House should see the needs of their customers in a timelier manner in contrast to other restaurants that charge cheaper.


In general, our Pancake House dining experience was really good. There weren’t a lot of negative instances that made us unhappy. However, there weren’t also a lot of good things that we saw that made our visit exceptionally pleasant. Instead it was quite okay – hmmm, just okay.

With all points taken, I can recommend Pancake house to those looking for that dining experience with a western flavour. If you’re a fan of pasta, club sandwiches and pastries, this restaurant is your best bet in getting all your favourite dishes in one roof with a budget of under P1,000 for two people. So if you’re tired of eating at Pizza Hut, S’barro or Banaple, you might want to try Pancake House for a change J

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