Summer Fashion Tip : Use that Scarf!

I got a hold of my very first scarf last Christmas, it was a gift from a friend(Thanks, Kaycee!). It is in color black and I'm so thrilled that I can pair it with a lot of outfits.

There are different ways on how you can use your scarf. This summer, no need to look elsewhere because one of the perfect accessory that you can have this summer is just under your pile of clothes. All you have to do is dig in and find that scarf. There are a lot of ways on how you can style your summer outfits with scarf.

1. Use it as Cover Up. No need to buy that extra cover that would probably cost the same as your swimsuit, just get that scarf and use it as a cover up. 

2.  Use it as a Belt. Just fold it into two and tie it around your waist.  It can add style to your swim suit while you are walking on the beach.

3. Use it as Hair Accessory. Roll or fold those scarves and use it on your head as Turbans or head bands.



Use it around your neck. Wrap it around your neck twice or you can just leave it hanging.

Isn't that something stylish and cheap? One scarf is all you need you can do a bunch of things with it :)
 Enjoy summer!


love and kisses <3

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You have some really good ideas!

Fun blog! love some of the ways they used the scarves as cover ups...I'm going to Hawaii this summer, now I'll have to be sure to pack one of mine

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