Our homes are a sanctuary we find refuge when the outside world becomes overwhelming to take. Colors are a critical backdrop, giving each room a unique feel everyone someone walks in. Painting your wall is rather easy. However, choosing the right paint color can frustrate homeowners. Save yourself the headache by referring to these ten colors that experts themselves considered the best ones there is.


Blue has a cooling and calming effect mainly because it is reminiscent of the expansive ocean with blue sky above. This is particularly true for a room that is painted with lighter shades of blue and which receives a lot of natural light. On the other hand, dark blues can be used as wall accents as some would dismiss it as too dark or ominous.


Green is the most versatile color; it can be painted in any room. Because it is often likened to nature, it has the ability to bring out the best in any given space. Lighter shades of green create a cozy and warm and yet playful environment. Deep greens can be used as accent colors, too, especially for the tiles. For the best effect, blue-green shades can be used.


Yellow is a welcoming color since it reminds people of sunshine and summer. However, certain shades of yellow create a sense of emptiness, so this should be used sparingly. To be safe, choose the lighter, happier shades of yellow. Stay away from chromatic yellows because it might be too intense.


Orange and red can be used separately or its combination (red-orange). They seem to exude the best effects when taken at the same time, creating a festive and vibrant atmosphere. These hues work well in places where people gather such as the kitchen.


Gray is increasingly gaining popularity as the go-to wall color. Various shades of gray conform to the urban chic appeal. For a modern home, darker shades of gray will emphasize the contemporary pieces of furniture and furnishings. However, for a traditional home, light grays will be perfect especially those that border in bluish shades.


Brown can also exude the warmth that we long for when the right shades are used. Dark browns, for instance, create a homey feel if used as an accent color. If these will be used as the overall room color, they should be paired with neutral colors to create a subtle warmth effect.


Beige is the second most popular color for the house exterior; the most popular being white. This color is very conservative and yet can make any other surrounding colors pop. Nonetheless, muted colors are not as flexible as you might think. If the home has several interesting architectural detailing, choose any other color but beige.


White is also the safest color when painting the house exterior. No one can go wrong with a white. It is clean-looking and makes a room appear bigger that it is. Even white has its own shades too – from pearl white to powder white.


Earth tones are more of a color scheme which basically includes flat and muted earth-associated colors. Examples of these colors are shades of brown, shades of green like moss, tan, warm gray, terracotta, brick red, burnt sienna, and yellow ochre. These colors are warm, inviting and relaxing. These colors are good for houses with a lot of wood and stone accents.


Neutral colors such as cream, ivory, beige, taupe and specific shades of gray are the safest colors to paint your house. They mostly blend with any type of furnishings, perfect for any structure and architecture.

Before you decide the color of your house's interior and exterior, you need to plan ahead to make sure that the overall color scheme is well put-together. Above are some of your choices of colors towards a more vibrant living.


Raphael Zamora is a Filipino Blogger and Freelance Writer that blogs for Arca South. The newest central business and lifestyle district south of the metro, Taguig City.

Nowadays, digital devices play an important role in our lives. We spend ridiculous amounts of time looking at our laptops, our tablets, our monitors and our smartphones whether for work or just to keep ourselves entertained. However, long periods of exposure to a specific wavelength of blue light that digital displays emit can cause discomfort to the eyes.

Known as digital eye strain, the discomfort is caused when our eyes are exposed to the blue-violet light with wavelengths ranging from 380 to 500nm. Unlike UV lights that are harmful to the eye’s cornea, this type of light causes harm to the retinas, especially when the eyes are exposed to it for long periods of time.

The optics industry has solved this issue with the use of special lenses that reflect the harmful blue –violet lights. These lenses are usually prescribed by an optometrist or an ophthalmologist and are often quite expensive.

Luckily, a Singaporean company was able to create a similar product that’s not going to cost you a fortune. The brand is called Energeyes and it has recently arrived in the Philippines.

The Energeyes digital glasses come in two styles and in a variety of colors. The product is made entirely of plastic and features a special lens that are designed to reduce harmful blue light which is emitted from digital screens as well as reduce screen glare that can also cause eye strain. Apart from reducing digital eye strain, an added benefit of the Energeyes glasses is that it helps improve the screen’s contrast.

Read the full review on The Techie Lifestyle Blog

Energeyes glasses are available on the company’s website (SG$53.01) and through select Ekotek kiosks nationwide (Php 1,999).

Haven't you ever wanted to just pack your bags and go travel? You read stories of budget adventurers who leave their 9 to 5 jobs behind for a life on the road, roughing out odd chores for dinner and a place to stay for the night. Or perhaps you dream of embarking on a luxurious Caribbean cruise, or multi-city tour around Europe. However, you worry that you don't have the resources to simply indulge in the vacation of your dreams.

What if we tell you that you can take that trip to Venice, Japan, or Harry Potter Land! And you can fly there for free.

Want to know how?

Your credit card could be your ticket to your next vacation. It's a matter of proper planning and knowing which type of travel credit cards can take you there. There are Metrobank, BPI and BDO credit cards that cater to the budding jet-setter, for example, BDO's Cathay Pacific American Express, BPI's Delta SkyMiles Classic Card, and Metrobank's World MasterCard allows cardholders to collect or be exchanged to flyer points.

Simply use your credit card like you normally would, and earn points while doing so. Charge everything to your card (but make sure to pay it off immediately or before the deadline). Collect enough points and you may just have your plane ticket for free.

We've compiled a list of credit cards in the Philippines to get you those flyer perks:

How to earn points: Earn 1 Asia Mile for every ₱42.00 spent
Minimum points to fly: 10,000
Partner Airlines: Cathay Pacific, Dragonair, British Airways, Qantas Airways, and Qatar Airways

How to earn points: Receive 1 mile for every ₱45.00
Minimum points to fly: 10,000
Partner Airlines: Delta Airways, Thai AirAsia, Jetstar, Skymark Airlines and more

How to earn points: Earn 1 point for every ₱20.00 you spend
Minimum points to fly: 3,500 for local flights, 9,500 for international flights
Partner Airlines: Philippine Airlines, Cathay Pacific Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Silk Air, Etihad Airways, All Nippon Airways, Adria Airways, Aegean Airlines, Air Canada, Air China, Air India, Air New Zealand, Asiana Airlines, Autrian, Aviance Brazil, Avianca-TACA, Brussels Airlines, Copa Airlines, Croatia Airlines, EgyptAir, Ethiopian Airlines, EVA Air, LOT Polish Airlines, Lufthansa, Scandinavian Airlines, South African Airways, SWISS, TAP Portugal, THAI, Turkish Airlines, United, Virgin America, Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Australia, Vistara, Dragonair, British Airways, Qantas Airways, and Qatar Airways

How to earn points: Earn one Fly Point for every ₱200.00 spend
Minimum points to fly: 3,500
Partner Airlines: Cebu Pacific

How to earn points: Earn 1 Premier Mile for every P40.00 spent
Minimum points to fly: 3,500 for local flights, 9,500 for international flights
Partner Airlines: Aer Lingus, Air China, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific Airways, China Eastern Airlines, Dragonair, Finnair, Gulf Air, Iberia, Japan Airlines, Jet Airways, Kingfisher Airlines, LAN, Malév Hungarian Airlines, Mexicana Airlines, Qantas Airways, Royal Brunei Airlines, Royal Jordanian Airlines, S7 Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Silk Air, Adria Airways, Aegean, Air Canada, Air New Zealand, All Nippon Airways, Asiana Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Blue 1, British Midland International, Brussels Airlines, Continental Airlines, Croatia Airlines, Egyptair, LOT Polish Airlines, Lufthansa, Scandinavian Airlines, South African Airways, Spanair, SWISS International Airlines,  TAM Airlines, TAP Portugal, Thai Airways, Turkish Airlines, United Airlines, US Airways, Philippine Airlines, PAL Express, Delta Air Lines, Aeroflot Russian Airlines,  AeroMexico, Avianca, AirEuropa, Air France, GOL, Hawaiian Airlines, China Southern, Czech Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Olympic Air, Kenya Airways, V Australia, Korean Air, Tarom, Vietnam Airlines, Etihad, Airberlin, Air Seychelles, Virgin Australia, Eva Air, Copa Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines, Garuda Indonesia, Aerolineas Argentinas, Middle East Airlines, Saudi Arabian Airlines, China Airlines, Xiamen Air, Alitalia, MAS Wings, Sri Lankan Airways, Virgin Atlantic, and Firefly

How to earn points: Earn one Mabuhay Mile for every ₱33 spent
Minimum points to fly: 3,500 for local flights, 9,500 for international flights
Partner Airlines: Philippine Airlines, Etihad Airways, and All Nippon Airways

How to earn points: Earn 1 point for every P25 spend
Minimum points to fly: 3,500 for local flights, 9,500 for international flights
Partner Airlines: Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific, Etihad Airways, and All Nippon Airways

Points are not only limited to travel. Citibank's Premiere Miles credit card also allows you to exchange points for accommodation at Hilton and Intercontinental hotel brands.

What are you waiting for? Start planning and earning your dream vacation today.

Didn't find what you're looking for? iMoney helps you pick through various credit cards for travel that matches your needs.

With the holidays just looming around the corner, a lot of us are already looking for nice gifts to get for ourselves or for our loved ones. With technology playing a huge part in our lives these, tech products such as mobile phone and tablet accessories are an easy and convenient choice especially if you’re planning to do your shopping online.

For instance, American consumer electronics manufacturer Belkin has a wide selection of mobile device accessories that are offered on Lazada, making them readily accessible and easy to order in case you don’t have the time to go to malls to hunt for the products you want to purchase.

Here are our top picks from Belkin’s roster in Lazada, which we think you’ll really like as well:

5. Belkin Mixit 4 Feet 90 Degrees Lightning to USB cable

One of the most common complaints about Apple products is that their cables are not that built well. In fact, the cable has a rating of just 1.5 stars on the Apple store and there are a bunch of discussions regarding the product (mostly complaints) on the company’s website.

The usual issue with Apple’s own cable is that it can easily break near the connectors causing the wires to fray. The Belkin Mixit cable avoids this dilemma by using a 90-degree angle for the lightning connector, protecting the tip and lessening the stress on the cable.

The cable is also four times longer than the standard lightning to USB cable and yet it offers the same fast charging and data transfer rates as the one made by Apple and comes in 7 different colors. Belkin is also offering a 2-year limited warranty for this cable ensuring that you’ll be able to use it for a long time.

Price: Php 1,190 (Get it here)

4. Belkin Micro USB Cable with Lightning Connector adapter

Another nifty accessory you might want to consider is the Micro USB cable with lightning connector. The product extends the functionality of the Mixit cable but adds a micro USB cable adaptor so you can charge other devices.

The cable is perfect as a travel companion as it eliminates the need to bring multiple cables to charge different devices. The adapter is connected to the cable via a durable yet flexible rubber strip so you don’t have to worry of losing it when it’s not in use.

Just like the Mixit version, this cable is also 4ft long, comes in a slew of colors and if offered with 2 years limited warranty.

Price: Php 1,490 (Get it here)

3. Belkin Family RockStar 4-port USB Charger

Another handy accessory for people who own multiple devices is the Belkin Family RockStar 4-port USB charger. The device features four USB ports that delivers a total of 5.4 Amp of power allowing users to charge multiple devices at the same time.

The charger also comes with an intelligent smart chip that regulates the flow of electricity to each port depending on how many devices are being charged. The charger is also wall-mountable and sports a 10-foot cable for convenient placement.

Price: Php 3,290 (Get it here)

2. Belkin Stylus for Tablets

For those looking to do some productive work during the holidays or those who delve in the field of arts and design, a great gift idea would be this Belkin Stylus for tablets.

The stylus features a rubber tip that glides smoothly over any tablet screen allowing users to easily jot down notes or sketch illustrations. The stylus looks very much like a standard pen and even comes with a clip so you can attach it easily and securely to a folio.

Price: Php 325 (discounted by 50% - Get it here)

1. Belkin QODE Thin Type Keyboard case for iPad Air

If you’re looking to do more work on your iPad, the Belkin QODE Thin Type keyboard case for the iPad Air is the perfect product for you.

Despite its slim 4mm profile, the keyboard case’s aluminum construction gives a feeling of durability and strength to the user. The case features well-spaced TruType keys that are designed for accurate typing as well as tactile response thanks to the spring mechanism placed underneath each key.

The Thin Type cover uses Bluetooth technology to connect to the iPad and uses Smart Sensing technology that automatically turns the keyboard on or off when the tablet is placed on the slot. The keyboard also boasts function-specific keys that provides shortcuts for different functions.

Price: Php 4,990 (Get it here)

This holidays, give yourself or your loved ones, one of the most awesome gift they can get with these great finds from Belkin. You can get all these stuff by ordering online from Lazada. 

You can also create your own wish list on Lazada and ask your friends and family to give these items (or other products from Belkin) to you as a gift this Christmas.

Filipinos are natural food lovers, so when you add discounts on restaurants into the mix, it becomes a sure recipe for success. One particular company that’s trying to try this brew for success is Makati-based Gourmet Society Philippines.

Basically, the company partnered with over a hundred restaurants in Metro Manila to offer their community with up to 20% discount on when they dine in without the need to present coupons, GCs or QR codes. On top of this, the company has partnered with ABS-CBN Foundation’s Bantay Bata to provide feeding programs for malnourished children in Manila using proceeds from membership fees.

For more information about Gourmet Society Philippines, you can check the press release below.

Gourmet Society Philippines simplifies restaurant privileges by giving its members 20% off their bill at over 150 partner restaurants in Metro Manila. Members just have to present their Gourmet Society card when paying their bill in order to get their discount, eliminating the need for printing coupons or the need for scanning QR codes. Diners can avail of discounts without minimum spend and use the card as many times as they want.

Filipinos love food, and Filipinos love discounts. You’ll get all of that with Gourmet Society -Joost Boer, co-founder and CEO of Gourmet Society Philippines. 

After observing different restaurant discount programs in the country, Joost believes that there is a much simpler way of availing discounts while bringing value to diners and restaurants alike. “It makes dining out more affordable for people, and at the same time, it helps restaurants gain new customers while decreasing their marketing costs.”

Gourmet Society is offering its membership card for a special introductory price of Php 999, offering discounts for one year at over 150 restaurants. Partner restaurants include popular chains such as Burgoo, Gumbo and Mrs. Fields. In addition, independent restaurants such as the popular One Way Restaurant, Corner Tree Café, Aracama, Tapeo, Lulu and the acclaimed My Kitchen By Chef Chris are also part of Gourmet Society. There are also some gastropubs and bars such as celebrity owned The Hungry Hound and Niner Ichi Nana. Gourmet Society is continuously expanding within Metro Manila and is expecting to reach 250 restaurant partners by the end of the year.

Gourmet Society Philippines is more than just restaurant privileges

Aside from restaurant discounts, Gourmet Society is contributing to the wellbeing of local communities through a partnership with ABS CBN Foundation, Bantay Bata that will support a feeding program for malnourished children in Manila. 

Meanwhile, Gourmet Society’s blog contains articles delving into the background stories of several Gourmet Society restaurant partners. It also helps people navigate through Manila’s dining scene, and provide insightful infographic content such as foreign dining etiquette guides.

Gourmet Society Philippines has also partnered with Viber Public Chats, to create FoodTalkPH: a public chat which brings together chefs, such as Chef Laudico, Chris Locher, Philip Golding and Chef Boy Logro as well as restaurateurs and food lovers to discuss recipes, share delicious food photos and videos as well as discussing the latest news in the buzzing Manila food scene.

Exciting growth plans

The company has some very exciting growth plans for the coming year and expect to see some great new features in our app. We are also staging a very exciting food awards concept in February 2016, so watch this space!

Gourmet Society Philippines is redefining restaurant discounts in the country by giving 20% off your bill at over 150 restaurants in Manila. Members just have to present their Gourmet Society card. Aside from a physical card it is also possible to display a digital card on the Gourmet Society app, which is available for the iPhone on the App Store and Android on the Google Play Store.

It seems like just about every other week a new piece of technology is released, from just about all of the major cell phone companies.

Apple is at the top of the list and there is no question that the majority of people that use Apple products will run out to the store, even wait in line for lengthy periods of time, just to get their hands on the brand new iPhone 6.

However, a great deal of people are wondering to themselves whether getting the new phone is actually worth it.

In reality, the new devices that are being released do not have too many things that are brand new, in comparison to the past models that are already out there. While it is true that there are new designs and new pieces of technology that are integrated into each mobile device (that it is considered the hip thing to do to get the brand new iPhone), the overall price is starting to get a bit high for a cell phone.

In the past, most of the new iPhone's that came out would hover somewhere around five hundred dollars, which most people thought was a lot of money in the first place. However, the new iPhone 6's go well above that are are posted at six hundred and fifty dollars, which has made a great deal of people's eyebrows.

Nearly two thirds of a thousand dollars is a great deal of money to spend on a device that is going to become outdated in a year or so anyway and in reality, the capabilities are virtually the same. The new iPhone 6 will be slightly bigger than the older models, which seems to be a trend with Apple products, as they are also making the new iPads bigger as well.

Apple also claims that the features that are on the iPhone 6 far surpass that of the older models, although the majority of people simply use their cell phone to surf the internet, play games, use applications, make phone calls and text.

All of these things can be done on each and every one of the older models, so it has become a highly debated topic among a lot of people as to whether it is worth it to shell out the great deal of money that is required to get your hands on the new iPhone 6.

When it comes down to it, it really is a personal preference. If you are one of those people that loves having the newest of the new models of technology, then you are probably going to be satisfied with putting up the money for a new phone. These people likely already have an iPhone 5 and can probably trade their phones in or sell them to get a great deal off of the newer models anyway, so in this respect it can be very worth it for these people.

Additionally, if you prefer a bigger screen, you may want to go ahead and get the iPhone six, but in all reality, the majority of people are probably better off keeping their older model iPhone's.

The truth is that they are slightly more advanced, but the increase in technology is not enough to rush out to the store, wait in line and get a new device, all while causing a major blow to your pockets. If Apple had come out with a brand new model that had some amazing new type of technology that has not been seen before in passed iPhone's, it would probably be worth it, but in this case it is looking like the better idea to skip buying one.

About Author: This article was written by Andy G, a tech geek and Linux fan from Austria. At the present moment he maintains firmware and driver download website called Helpjet.

This week, Fortinet announced two web application firewalls (WAFs) designed to protect customers from identity thieves, financial fraud and DoS attacks.

The new FortiWeb  4000E and FortiWeb 3000E offer advanced security services that are integrated with the  company’s Fortiguard Lab advanced threat intelligence as well as real-time threat protection at the application level strengthening Fortinet’s end-to-end cyber security platform.

A more detailed description of the two products are included in the press release below.

Fortinet® (NASDAQ: FTNT) – the global leader in high-performance cybersecurity solutions, today announced the launch of its new FortiWeb 4000E and 3000E Web Application Firewalls (WAFs), designed to help customers prevent identity theft, financial fraud and denial of service through specialized, layered application threat protection. 

FortiWeb appliances now offer advanced security services backed by FortiGuard Labs’ advanced threat intelligence, providing real-time threat protection at the application level.These new FortiWeb solutions are also integrated with Fortinet’s FortiSandbox and offer support for new enhancements in partnership with Acunetix’s advanced vulnerability scanning solutions. These new additions bolster Fortinet’s broad end-to-end cybersecurity platform that protects customer data at every possible entry point to the network.

High-Performance Meets Advanced Layered Protection 

The new FortiWeb 4000E delivers an unprecedented 20 Gbps WAF throughputand features built-in advanced anti-malwarecapabilities – a first for the WAF appliance market – while also integrating leading vulnerability scanning features from Acunetix.Fortinet’s FortiWeb appliancesprovide the performance, effectiveness and featuresthat only Fortinet can deliver, surpassing all competitive solutions and resettingexpectations for web application firewalls.

The FortiWeb series of WAFs are now fully integrated with Fortinet’s FortiSandbox and Advanced Threat Protection (ATP framework), ensuring that organizations can arm themselves with seamless, end-to-end protection from even the most sophisticated cyberthreats.These enhancements to FortiWeb deliver advanced, layered application threat protection for medium and large enterprises, application service providers and SaaS providers demanding the very best WAFs in the industry.

FortiWeb appliances can now receive real-time security updates from FortiGuard Labs, Fortinet’s ground-breaking threat intelligence and research team. These consist of three services that can be delivered individually or in a bundle:

  • FortiWeb Security Service offers advanced and constantly updated defensesagainst web vulnerabilities and suspicious URLs while also delivering application layer security. 
  • The IP Reputation Service delivers advanced protection from botnet attacks. 
  • Anti-malware and Anti-intrusion Services proactively protect against malware infections.

All of theses services are delivered in real-time and sourced from Fortinet’s global network of over 2 million security appliances.These sensors give Fortinet’s FortiGuard Labs the widest visibility into new and existing threats and ensure that FortiWeb appliances are armed with the best possible application protection in the industry.

“Application Security is an increasingly important tool in the fight against Advanced Threats. However, with many of the Web Application Firewalls on the market today,customershave to trade off Performance for Security. This problem will only get worse as customers’ network reliance and Data Center bandwidth requirements continue to increase. Fortinet is well known for the best combination of performance and security, with its Network Security products, and is now bringing that knowledge to bear for the benefit of customers with its FortWeb Application Firewalls.” - John Maddison, vice president of marketing at Fortinet.

“By virtue of continuously scanning evolving web apps and web sites with Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner, Fortinet users can now be assured that their web site security is being kept up to date regardless of what vulnerabilities could creep into their web site code through business pressures and forced short cuts in the development process. While not eliminating the need to promptly fix these issues, this will help reduce the pressure on security and dev teams. A warning though. Users should scan their web apps or web sites regularly to identify new vulnerabilities as they emerge," - Chris Martin, GM,Acunetix.


The new FortiWeb 4000E and 3000E are available immediately. Please contact your authorized Fortinet channel partner for pricing and details. For more information about Fortinet’s Web Application Firewall products, you can visit Fortinet.com

If you thought the notion of someone following you around town was creepy, prepare for the next level of weird, brought to you by technology: cyberstalking. Without ever leaving their home, individuals looking for cheap thrills or to satisfy some unhealthy urge can monitor your activities and make your life miserable.

Cyberstalking often turns into harassment, with the cyberstalker sending their victim messages through email, texts or IM services such as Facebook. While some activities may be benign, things can easily escalate if proper measures aren’t taken. There are different levels of actions available to you, with some more or less appropriate for the given situation.

Like most of life’s problems, prevention is often more effective than treatment. One of the first precautions to take is to limit the kind of information you share online. A common mistake people make is oversharing details about their personal lives.

This can be anything from variable information (where you are at certain times of day) to static information (birthdays, home addresses, etc.). Sure it seems okay to post on Facebook for your family to see, but be aware that what you post may become accessible to others. This is especially true on public services such as Twitter, where anyone can see what you’re putting up.

Keep names, contact information and addresses to yourself as much as possible. Only share them with people you know and trust, and ensure those people know not to give your information away without your permission. Remember, all it takes is your phone number or email address for a cyberstalker to be able to start contacting you.

You may also want to consider purchasing a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service to keep the most malicious stalkers at bay. In simple terms, a VPN keeps your internet usage private by making your IP address anonymous and encrypting your internet traffic. While it won’t keep you from oversharing, it will keep your information from being taken forcibly.

Even if you keep your information private, if your accounts become compromised, it won’t do you much good. Use strong passwords with different types of characters (uppercase, lowercase, numbers, symbols, etc.) and keep them varied between your various accounts. If you have trouble managing multiple passwords, consider a service such as Blur to help you keep track.

Blur (formerly DoNotTrackMe) helps keep websites from tracking you, but it also allows you to save and manage your passwords between the different devices you may use. It also lets you create temporary credit cards and phone numbers if you feel the need for extra security.

Cyberstalkers, not unlike identity thieves, thrive on any information they can get their hands on. Sometimes your information can be stolen by mistakenly visiting a fake website or responding to an email from a suspicious person (or a friend whose account has been stolen). Be on the lookout for anything suspicious, such as being asked for your login details, or links that ask you to click on them (click here to see my pics!).

Malware can also lead to problems, so use an anti-virus service on all of your devices (that includes smartphones and tablets). Avast Anti-virus is available for multiple platforms and is totally free unless you decide you need the extra features offered by the premium version.

Supposing you keep most of your information private, you might still run into a cyberstalker who doesn’t know a lot about you, but is still interested in making your life miserable. It may be in the form of posts on one of your social media feeds, often in the form of “trolling” or posting defamatory statements and just acting like a general nuisance. You might be communicating on Twitter and find some jerk keeps posting offensive things targeted at everything you say.

Just like back in grade school, the best thing to do is to ignore these kinds of people. A great majority of cyberstalkers are doing it for attention, and they virtually feed off of your distressed responses. Yelling in all caps over the internet or trying to argue with them will only make things worse.

If you get a strange email (especially if you get more than one from the same person), delete it or report it as spam. The more you react, the more drawn in you can become, and the harder it can be to escape. But, if things start to get uncomfortable…

In most cases, there are rules in social media services that forbid harassing other users of the service. At times machines and website moderators can’t catch everything, so it may be up to you to report someone who is breaking the rules (and cyberstalking is almost certainly going to be against the terms of service). What’s more, cyberstalking is also against the law in many states and countries.

When cyberstalkers begin moving from being annoying to seemingly dangerous, it may be time to contact the authorities. Police are increasingly cracking down on cyberbullying and cyberstalking, as both activities continue to grow in frequency and in the number of lives affected negatively. Consider talking to a friend or family member if you believe you’ve become a victim of cyberstalking.

In many cases, the stalker is someone you know or have met, and while it’s never recommended that you confront your stalker, it’s best that your family knows who is giving you problems. In some cases, this is enough to give your harasser cold feet. More than anything, there is one absolute way, albeit extraordinarily inconvenient, to put a stop to cyberstalking.

Sometimes the only way to win is not to play. While it’s unfortunate, the most surefire way to put a stop to cyberstalking (especially if it’s become serious) is to totally unplug. That means suspending or at least not using social media accounts for a while, blocking messages from suspected harassers on your mobile and just generally getting off the internet.

Considering the multitude of benefits that can be had from social media and the internet, this certainly isn’t the first step you should take. But it should always be an option, and it should be comforting to know that there is an “off” button to cyberstalking.

Ultimately avoiding criminal activity and harassment shouldn’t be your job, but if you don’t take steps to keep yourself safe, you may live to regret it. Keep as much of your personal information to yourself as you can, and be certain that you can trust the people you do share it with. Use up-to-date security software to keep your information from being stolen as well.

Don’t get into fights with people online, and always consider using the proper legal channels to handle any pesky stalkers that just won’t go away. Remember that you’re in control; you can always put an end to cyberstalking if you’re willing to do what’s necessary.

Makeup artist Gail Sairon is giving a basic day-to-night makeup workshop this week in Quezon City! The three-hour workshop will cover basic application as well as an introduction to the different makeup products and tools any girl would need to come up with an appropriate day and night look.
The event will be held at The Bunny Baker Café in Quezon City from 1pm to 4pm on Saturday, October 3, 2015.

After the demo, participants can bring their own makeup kit for consultation and ask Gail for help and advice on how to edit the kit according to what suits them and their (or their subject’s) skin tone. She will also share and demo practical makeup tips and tricks that she has used in her experience as the chief make-up artist of Sarion films (an independent production company).

To those who don’t know Gail Sairon, she is the chief make-up artist for Sarion films, the in-house stylist for Alabang Town Center and a make-up workshop facilitator for corporate personal development programs. She also does freelance make-up work for all types of events.

The workshop will cover different aspects of makeup including an introduction to a make-up artist’s products and tools, appropriate day makeup and night makeup, steps of makeup application and transforming day makeup to night makeup to name a few.

Those interested in joining the workshop may register at speedycourse.com for Php500, which is inclusive of café snacks and drinks. Registrants can pay through various methods including PayPal, credit card and Bancnet online banking. 

The big screen smart TV market segment is slowly gaining traction among Filipinos, especially upon the entry of smaller and more affordable brands that allow the budget-conscious Pinoys to still enjoy the capabilities of a connected big-screen TV without breaking their wallets.

Haier is one particular manufacturer who is trying to capture a chunk of the growing smart TV consumer base with its K5000 series LED smart TVs. The series was recently launched here in Manila and should soon be available for purchase on select consumer electronics store.

For more information about the Haier K5000, do read their press release below.

When Haier Asia Co., Ltd executives said early this year that they were going to take the region by storm, they sure meant it. Haier is ready to bring out its best innovations yet, starting out with its K5000 LED Smart TV series.

Launched at the Dusit Thani Hotel in Manila, the K5000 is Haier’s first range of Smart TVs, offering its technology and internet savvy customers something new to get their hands on. The series is a total standout with a sophisticated design that features an ultra-slim frame, brushed aluminum finish, and stylish metal stand. 

It also boasts LED edge-lit backlighting, a 5,000,000:1 mega dynamic contrast ratio, and an IPS panel to enjoy crisp realistic pictures in wide-viewing angle. Its three built-in HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) ports also make it possible to send audio from the TV to an ARC compatible device via an HDMI cable, without the need for an additional audio cable. 

Available in 32”, 40”, 50” and 55’’ models, the K5000 series includes 2 USB ports (USB recorder, Timeshift for real-time TV broadcast recording, and USB video), DLNA, 1 RJ45 connector, integrated Wi-Fi, 3 CEC HDMI ports (1.4a) including 1 ARC-compatible port, 1 headphone socket, 1 PC D-Sub15 socket, 1 optical/ digital output, automatic volume limiter, powerful invisible loudspeakers, hotel mode, CI+, A energy rating.

If that’s too much tech talk for you when all you really want to know is how smart this Smart TV is, then let us tell you that this new range is everything you need to stay updated and keep connected. The K5000 TV has a YoutubeTM button that directly connects the user to their favorite YouTube videos. It also includes a hub with a multitude of catch-up TV applications, VOD, entertainment features, and news. It allows users to surf the net via an integrated easy-to-use web browser and keep in touch with friends and loved ones through email, and their favorite social media platforms. The K5000 series is also ISDB-T ready for receiving digital channel signals which is now available with the use of digital antennas and/or set top boxes. 

With its classy design and a heap of high tech features, the K5000 series is truly the ultimate package that promises an excellent entertainment experience. Now if you think this new product exciting, wait ‘til you hear about the cutting-edge devices and appliances that Haier has in store for everyone scheduled to hit the stores in the near future. We just can’t wait! Can you?

Fans of the Nickelodeon channel’s hit preschool series Blaze and the Monster Machines will be happy to know that the channel has launched a new app based on the show. The app is now available both on iOS’ App Store and Android’s Google Play. For more information about this app, do check out the press release below.

New app, based on Nickelodeon’s hit preschool series, Blaze and the Monster Machines, available now on iOS and Android.

1, 2, 3 Let’s Blaze! Nickelodeon’s all-new app, Playtime with Blaze and the Monster Machines is available now in Asia on iOS and Google Play. The new app, based on Nickelodeon’s hit preschool series Blaze and the Monster Machines, offers preschoolers five different fun-filled activities to test drive their skills in memory, matching and colouring, set within the world of Blaze and the Monster Machines. As each game is completed, preschoolers are rewarded with stickers that can be used to customize and create their very own scenes from Axel City.

Features include:

1.) Available on iOS and Google Play in 13 languages including English, French, Italian, Dutch, German, Spanish (Latin America), Spanish (Europe), Norwegian, Polish, Swedish, Russian, Portuguese (Brazil), and Turkish.

2.) Choose your favourite avatar: Blaze, Crusher, Pickle, and Stripes.

3.) Five mini-games:

  • Blaze’s Truck Wash: Blaze, Stripes and Pickle have gotten all muddy! Help scrub them down with soap, wash them off with water from a hose, and towel dry them to make them sparkly and clean again. 
  • Blaze Race to the Finish Line: Help Blaze avoid obstacles on the track and collect items to race to the finish line on time! 
  • Monster Machines Memory: Play the classic game of memory by flipping over cards to match all of your favorite characters from Blaze. 3 levels to complete! 
  • Creative Coloring: Get creative with 4 colouring activity sheets including Blaze, Stripes, AJ and Pickle! 
  • Match-up with Blaze: Find groups of 3 of the same tools to match up. 9 exciting levels to play! 

As you complete each game, you are rewarded stickers which can be used to create your very own Blaze world by customizing two landscapes from Axel City. 

The country’s top Apple product retailer recently launch its Pixelworx campaign that advocates the use of technology in the creation of arts.  The launch of the campaign was initiated through the introduction of PMC’s art ambassadors and the announcement of its multimedia awards winners.

The four ambassadors that were introduced during the event were Jay Contreras for photography, Nikki Luna for visual arts, Electrolychee (Marcus and Bru Nada) for graphic design and Leeroy New for sculpture. The four art ambassadors conducted free workshops and live demonstrations at PMC classrooms for the past two months.

The event was also the venue where PMC awarded the winners of its multimedia competition wherein 6 winners were chosen from the 20 finalists who submitted their work a few months back. The winners were given prizes including iPads, Wacom tablets and PMC gift certificates.

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