The current age has brought about a new trend with it. This trend is called the “Selfie.” This six letter word defines the activity of taking your own photo with a camera. It can be with a group of friends or at a special occasion or even with your pet! Every person comes up with their own version.

Due to many advancements in technology along with this amazing new trend, many smartphone manufacturers have come up with newer versions of mobile phones that have the best camera quality present for those umpteen number of selfies that everyone takes. These selfie phones are being sold at a number of stores along with many marketplaces who are offering them at discounted prices such as Kaymu and Ebay etc.

The best Selfie Phones for the year:

Samsung Galaxy S7 (Unofficial)

Everyone is eagerly waiting for this phone to launch. With the new Android 6.0 operating system and Quad-core 4.0 GHz 64 bit processor, it will be a very stable phone. The back camera will be 16 MP with a 5.1 MP front camera with flash for all your selfie needs.

Microsoft Surface Phone (Rumoured)

Surface Phone Concept art

This phone has a 5.5in Quad-HD AMOLED display to view all your pictures in the most beautiful manner. It offers 21Mp rear and 8Mp front cameras to snap away those lovely selfies that you want to take. Moreover, it has a 64 to 128 GB storage space to keep all that you love.

HTC One M10 (Unofficial)

HTC One M10 Concept Art

This is the upcoming and highly coveted selfie phone as it offers a whopping 27 MP front and back camera auto face detection focus technology. When you buy this phone, not only will you have high resolution pictures, you won’t even have to work that hard for them.

LG G5 (Unofficial)

LG G5 Concept Art
This LG phone is one the most popular upcoming ones. It offers a 20 MP back camera and a 10 MP front facing camera for you to look classy and sophisticated in all your pictures. Along with that, it has a true IPS HD display for a beautiful picture quality.

Oppo Find 9 (Unofficial)

Oppo Find 9 has a large 5.5 inch Quad HD display that offers superior picture quality and beautiful colors for you to enjoy. When it comes to cameras, it has a 20 MP secondary camera and an 8 MP front camera for all your selfie needs.

Sony Xperia Z6 (Unofficial)

This phone will make you love yourself in all your selfies. In terms of cameras, it has a 27 MP rotator camera scanner that will take your selfies in all the angles that you will love. Moreover, the screen is of 5 inches with 4k display resolution.

iPhone 7 (Unofficial)

Everyone knows the picture quality that the iPhone has to offer. This phone will have a 12 MP back camera and a 5 MP front camera for you to look absolutely great in. For men and women alike, they will be overjoyed with this one.

HTC Desire Eye (Available)

This is the phone to get if you are a selfie fanatic. It has a 13 MP shooter at the front and the rear. Both of the cameras have their own dedicated flash for the best pictures possible. Along with that, the wide 22 mm lens gives a large angle to all your selfies.

Asus ZenFone (Available)

This phone has a 13 MP front facing camera that has an LED flash present with it. Moreover, it offers a wide 88 degree angle so that all the aspects of your selfie are taken in. It also has features such as panorama, slow motion, smart remove and time lapse present.

LG V10 (Available)

This phone has not one but two front facing cameras that you can use for all your selfies. The two front facing cameras are of 5 MP and the back camera is 13 MP. The cameras feature multi view and snap options with it.

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Let’s take a look at this infographic from Any Pest about house spiders in our homes. It’s important to keep them spiders out of your home – 75% of people are either mildly or severely afraid of house spiders. Although house spiders won’t do you or your home any harm, very few people are happy to see a spider running across their floor!

Luckily, there are simple things you can do that will make a big difference in reducing the amount of spiders in your home. For example, spiders love hiding in any clutter that builds up – so keeping your home tidy is crucial.

Although we would love for spiders to never come into our home, it's never going to possible to keep every spider out. If they do get in, clearing up some spider myths may put your mind at ease. A common myth is that we all swallow a certain amount of spiders per year. This is not true! Find out more in the infographic below.

With more than 7,100 islands, surely, there are also thousands of reasons you must go to the Philippines. Here are the first ten.


No list of the world's hospitable countries is complete without mentioning the Philippines. The Filipinos are the kindest and nicest people that you'll ever meet. They love to smile and sing, too, especially during their town fiesta.


As an archipelago, the country is one of the largest island groups worldwide. There are widely famous white sand beaches like Boracay and then, there are hidden islands such as those in Palawan.


The Philippines is also a shopping mecca, with some of the biggest shopping malls in Asia and the world. Apart from the gigantic malls, there are also flea markets, boutiques, souvenir shops, supermarkets, handicraft centers, etc.


The Philippines takes pride in its widely diversified wildlife. In fact, some of the world's smallest animals are here like the tarsier and pandaca pygmea, smallest primate and fish in the world, respectively. There are also 600 bird, 300 reptile and amphibian, and 200 mammal species spread throughout the country.


Aside from the animals, the country is a haven for the nature junkies, too. From the Chocolate Hills in Bohol to Banaue Rice Terraces, there is always something to discover in each province. There are also lakes, waterfalls, and caves that you may explore if you want.


Flora and fauna thrive because of the favorable climate. The average temperature 26.6 degree Celsius throughout the year. So, no extreme weathers. It's a tropical country after all.


While there is no such thing as the Filipino cuisine, every province seems to have its own distinct cuisine. Case in point: the Pampangan cuisine. Likewise, the country and its people are proud of its halo-halo, sinigang, adobo, and lechon, among others. World-renowned chef Anthony Bourdain even dubbed lechon as the “best pig ever.”


Perhaps, the biggest advantage of the Philippines compared to other Asian countries is the fact that more than 90% of the population can speak and understand the English language. Even the bystanders know basic English mainly because it is the language of the government and other institutions like schools and businesses.


Traveling around the country is easy and the fares are very cheap. Through riding a jeepney, for instance, you may explore a town or city like the locals. Ride a ferry if you want to island hop. There are also low-cost carriers that serve domestically and internationally.


Aside from being a scuba diving and surfing paradise, the Philippines also houses the longest zipline at over 1,300 meters and the first roller coaster zipline in Asia. These are found in Butuan City and Pampanga, respectively.

There you have it! These are some of the reasons that make the Philippines a great travel destination.

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Mark Justine DeMesa is a Filipino Blogger and a freelance writer. He currently writes and blogs for Alviera Country Club, a high-end country club in the Philippines with one-of-a-kind amenities and facilities to offer a memorable family recreational activities and bonding!

Our homes are a sanctuary we find refuge when the outside world becomes overwhelming to take. Colors are a critical backdrop, giving each room a unique feel everyone someone walks in. Painting your wall is rather easy. However, choosing the right paint color can frustrate homeowners. Save yourself the headache by referring to these ten colors that experts themselves considered the best ones there is.


Blue has a cooling and calming effect mainly because it is reminiscent of the expansive ocean with blue sky above. This is particularly true for a room that is painted with lighter shades of blue and which receives a lot of natural light. On the other hand, dark blues can be used as wall accents as some would dismiss it as too dark or ominous.


Green is the most versatile color; it can be painted in any room. Because it is often likened to nature, it has the ability to bring out the best in any given space. Lighter shades of green create a cozy and warm and yet playful environment. Deep greens can be used as accent colors, too, especially for the tiles. For the best effect, blue-green shades can be used.


Yellow is a welcoming color since it reminds people of sunshine and summer. However, certain shades of yellow create a sense of emptiness, so this should be used sparingly. To be safe, choose the lighter, happier shades of yellow. Stay away from chromatic yellows because it might be too intense.


Orange and red can be used separately or its combination (red-orange). They seem to exude the best effects when taken at the same time, creating a festive and vibrant atmosphere. These hues work well in places where people gather such as the kitchen.


Gray is increasingly gaining popularity as the go-to wall color. Various shades of gray conform to the urban chic appeal. For a modern home, darker shades of gray will emphasize the contemporary pieces of furniture and furnishings. However, for a traditional home, light grays will be perfect especially those that border in bluish shades.


Brown can also exude the warmth that we long for when the right shades are used. Dark browns, for instance, create a homey feel if used as an accent color. If these will be used as the overall room color, they should be paired with neutral colors to create a subtle warmth effect.


Beige is the second most popular color for the house exterior; the most popular being white. This color is very conservative and yet can make any other surrounding colors pop. Nonetheless, muted colors are not as flexible as you might think. If the home has several interesting architectural detailing, choose any other color but beige.


White is also the safest color when painting the house exterior. No one can go wrong with a white. It is clean-looking and makes a room appear bigger that it is. Even white has its own shades too – from pearl white to powder white.


Earth tones are more of a color scheme which basically includes flat and muted earth-associated colors. Examples of these colors are shades of brown, shades of green like moss, tan, warm gray, terracotta, brick red, burnt sienna, and yellow ochre. These colors are warm, inviting and relaxing. These colors are good for houses with a lot of wood and stone accents.


Neutral colors such as cream, ivory, beige, taupe and specific shades of gray are the safest colors to paint your house. They mostly blend with any type of furnishings, perfect for any structure and architecture.

Before you decide the color of your house's interior and exterior, you need to plan ahead to make sure that the overall color scheme is well put-together. Above are some of your choices of colors towards a more vibrant living.


Raphael Zamora is a Filipino Blogger and Freelance Writer that blogs for Arca South. The newest central business and lifestyle district south of the metro, Taguig City.

Nowadays, digital devices play an important role in our lives. We spend ridiculous amounts of time looking at our laptops, our tablets, our monitors and our smartphones whether for work or just to keep ourselves entertained. However, long periods of exposure to a specific wavelength of blue light that digital displays emit can cause discomfort to the eyes.

Known as digital eye strain, the discomfort is caused when our eyes are exposed to the blue-violet light with wavelengths ranging from 380 to 500nm. Unlike UV lights that are harmful to the eye’s cornea, this type of light causes harm to the retinas, especially when the eyes are exposed to it for long periods of time.

The optics industry has solved this issue with the use of special lenses that reflect the harmful blue –violet lights. These lenses are usually prescribed by an optometrist or an ophthalmologist and are often quite expensive.

Luckily, a Singaporean company was able to create a similar product that’s not going to cost you a fortune. The brand is called Energeyes and it has recently arrived in the Philippines.

The Energeyes digital glasses come in two styles and in a variety of colors. The product is made entirely of plastic and features a special lens that are designed to reduce harmful blue light which is emitted from digital screens as well as reduce screen glare that can also cause eye strain. Apart from reducing digital eye strain, an added benefit of the Energeyes glasses is that it helps improve the screen’s contrast.

Read the full review on The Techie Lifestyle Blog

Energeyes glasses are available on the company’s website (SG$53.01) and through select Ekotek kiosks nationwide (Php 1,999).

Haven't you ever wanted to just pack your bags and go travel? You read stories of budget adventurers who leave their 9 to 5 jobs behind for a life on the road, roughing out odd chores for dinner and a place to stay for the night. Or perhaps you dream of embarking on a luxurious Caribbean cruise, or multi-city tour around Europe. However, you worry that you don't have the resources to simply indulge in the vacation of your dreams.

What if we tell you that you can take that trip to Venice, Japan, or Harry Potter Land! And you can fly there for free.

Want to know how?

Your credit card could be your ticket to your next vacation. It's a matter of proper planning and knowing which type of travel credit cards can take you there. There are Metrobank, BPI and BDO credit cards that cater to the budding jet-setter, for example, BDO's Cathay Pacific American Express, BPI's Delta SkyMiles Classic Card, and Metrobank's World MasterCard allows cardholders to collect or be exchanged to flyer points.

Simply use your credit card like you normally would, and earn points while doing so. Charge everything to your card (but make sure to pay it off immediately or before the deadline). Collect enough points and you may just have your plane ticket for free.

We've compiled a list of credit cards in the Philippines to get you those flyer perks:

How to earn points: Earn 1 Asia Mile for every ₱42.00 spent
Minimum points to fly: 10,000
Partner Airlines: Cathay Pacific, Dragonair, British Airways, Qantas Airways, and Qatar Airways

How to earn points: Receive 1 mile for every ₱45.00
Minimum points to fly: 10,000
Partner Airlines: Delta Airways, Thai AirAsia, Jetstar, Skymark Airlines and more

How to earn points: Earn 1 point for every ₱20.00 you spend
Minimum points to fly: 3,500 for local flights, 9,500 for international flights
Partner Airlines: Philippine Airlines, Cathay Pacific Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Silk Air, Etihad Airways, All Nippon Airways, Adria Airways, Aegean Airlines, Air Canada, Air China, Air India, Air New Zealand, Asiana Airlines, Autrian, Aviance Brazil, Avianca-TACA, Brussels Airlines, Copa Airlines, Croatia Airlines, EgyptAir, Ethiopian Airlines, EVA Air, LOT Polish Airlines, Lufthansa, Scandinavian Airlines, South African Airways, SWISS, TAP Portugal, THAI, Turkish Airlines, United, Virgin America, Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Australia, Vistara, Dragonair, British Airways, Qantas Airways, and Qatar Airways

How to earn points: Earn one Fly Point for every ₱200.00 spend
Minimum points to fly: 3,500
Partner Airlines: Cebu Pacific

How to earn points: Earn 1 Premier Mile for every P40.00 spent
Minimum points to fly: 3,500 for local flights, 9,500 for international flights
Partner Airlines: Aer Lingus, Air China, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific Airways, China Eastern Airlines, Dragonair, Finnair, Gulf Air, Iberia, Japan Airlines, Jet Airways, Kingfisher Airlines, LAN, Malév Hungarian Airlines, Mexicana Airlines, Qantas Airways, Royal Brunei Airlines, Royal Jordanian Airlines, S7 Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Silk Air, Adria Airways, Aegean, Air Canada, Air New Zealand, All Nippon Airways, Asiana Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Blue 1, British Midland International, Brussels Airlines, Continental Airlines, Croatia Airlines, Egyptair, LOT Polish Airlines, Lufthansa, Scandinavian Airlines, South African Airways, Spanair, SWISS International Airlines,  TAM Airlines, TAP Portugal, Thai Airways, Turkish Airlines, United Airlines, US Airways, Philippine Airlines, PAL Express, Delta Air Lines, Aeroflot Russian Airlines,  AeroMexico, Avianca, AirEuropa, Air France, GOL, Hawaiian Airlines, China Southern, Czech Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Olympic Air, Kenya Airways, V Australia, Korean Air, Tarom, Vietnam Airlines, Etihad, Airberlin, Air Seychelles, Virgin Australia, Eva Air, Copa Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines, Garuda Indonesia, Aerolineas Argentinas, Middle East Airlines, Saudi Arabian Airlines, China Airlines, Xiamen Air, Alitalia, MAS Wings, Sri Lankan Airways, Virgin Atlantic, and Firefly

How to earn points: Earn one Mabuhay Mile for every ₱33 spent
Minimum points to fly: 3,500 for local flights, 9,500 for international flights
Partner Airlines: Philippine Airlines, Etihad Airways, and All Nippon Airways

How to earn points: Earn 1 point for every P25 spend
Minimum points to fly: 3,500 for local flights, 9,500 for international flights
Partner Airlines: Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific, Etihad Airways, and All Nippon Airways

Points are not only limited to travel. Citibank's Premiere Miles credit card also allows you to exchange points for accommodation at Hilton and Intercontinental hotel brands.

What are you waiting for? Start planning and earning your dream vacation today.

Didn't find what you're looking for? iMoney helps you pick through various credit cards for travel that matches your needs.

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