10 Situations Where Renting Cars Should Be Your Option

Let's face it: owning a car can be very convenient, especially if you travel a lot. It doesn't matter if you travel for work or leisure. Cars can get you places faster, and provide you with personal comforts that traveling by bus or train can't give you. However, not everyone owns a car, or can drive a car. This is where car rentals come in.

So when exactly is the best time to rent a car? Let us help you figure it out!

1.    Long Road Trips
Driving from Point A to Point B can get exhausting, especially if you'll be traveling by car for extended periods of time. If you want to relax during a long road trip, rent a car so you can be at ease. Also, your current car might not be equipped for long-distance travel, so it will be more convenient and budget-friendly for you to rent a car, than risk getting your own vehicle damaged during a long drive.

2.    When Your Car is Out of Commission
Picture this: you're driving down the road, following traffic rules and regulations, when someone crashes into your car and renders it useless for the next few weeks. It's the absolute worst thing that can happen, especially if you need your car to get to work, or drop off and pick up your children from school. While your car is at the mechanic's undergoing repair, you can rent a car to go about your daily business. The costs of the rental can even be covered by your car insurance, so be sure to get a policy with car rental benefits in case you send your car in for repairs due to an accident.

3.    Vacations
Summer vacation is the perfect time to go to the beach for a few days. Some families even go to their ancestral homes in the provinces to spend the entire vacation there, while hosting a big family reunion. Renting a car can ease your minds about transportation going to and from your vacation destination. Not only that, you can even have the car rental so you can move around the area with ease, especially if you're staying in the provinces for more than a few days.

4.    Going To & From the Airport
You have your own car, yes, but when you need to fly out of the country, it's a hassle looking for a place to park your car for the entirety of your trip abroad. Plus, if you’re taking a lot of luggage with you, taxis might not be the best choice of transport coming from your home to the airport. Renting a car can help you with this problem! The same can be said of coming from the airport when you have balikbayan boxes filled to the brim with pasalubong for your family and friends. Don't settle for a taxi when you can rent a car!

5.    First Dates
They say that first impressions last. So how about this? If you don't have a car, rent one (chauffeur included) and pick up the girl of your dreams with a nice, sleek ride. Maybe ask what her favorite car is, or her dream date vehicle. It would definitely make a good impression. Plus you can take her wherever she wants to go, and you get to keep your eyes on her, and not on the road during the entire trip! Romantic, right?

6.    Weddings
This is your big day! And since this is a very special day, you'll want a very special car for the bride. Don't settle for your grandparent's sedan. Rent a car!

7.    Formal Events
Prom? Someone's anniversary? A friend's wedding, and you're part of the entourage? High school reunion? Fancy dinner with the in-laws? Don't worry. You can still stay classy even if you don't personally have a car. Renting a car for events like these can help you worry more about yourself than how to get to these events!

8.    Business-related Travel
If you have errands for your company, or if you're a multinational company with foreign visitors needing a tour around the city and not enough company vehicles to go around, then renting a car can solve this problem! You can even rent a car to pick up and/or drop off your foreign guests at the airport, to ensure that they have a smooth and comfortable experience in the country.

9.    Company Excursions
Company trips are always fun, be it a corporate team-building exercise, a general company outing, a business trip, or an out-of-town meeting. What's not so great is if your company doesn't have a fleet of cars to get large groups of people to the trip destination. But did you know that companies can rent vehicles for this purpose? It's easy and affordable, too!

10.  Moving
If you're finally leaving your parents' space and moving into a place of your own, but you don't have the means of moving all your things from your parents' house to your new condo... That's right, rent a car! An SUV should be able to help you pack in all your moving boxes and transport them and yourself to your new pad easily!

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Spanish Flavour in the Heart of the Philippines

Want a taste of Europe without the hassle and cost of travelling to another continent? You might be pleasantly surprised to know that a very attractive alternative is accessible to you right here in Southeast Asia. The Philippines is a gorgeous underrated holiday destination, chock full of European influences and western charm – left behind by the Spanish Colonial Era (1521 – 1898). For those seeking a little more cultural enlightening past the beaches of Boracay, we recommend a historical tour of the Philippines’ best-kept Spanish heritage sites. After all, how can anyone complain about a history lesson when you’re on holiday?

Vigan City, Ilocos Sur

First up on anyone’s list of Spanish scenic sites should only be Vigan City. This capital city of the province Ilocos Sur is a UNESCO World Heritage Site – and with good reason. It’s one of the last remaining Hispanic towns in the country with its structures still intact. In the 18th and 19th centuries, Vigan was the center of Spanish colonial power; today, the town is a living testament to the Spanish Colonial Era, exerting strong cultural influence to the modern Philippine nation.

Paved with cobblestone streets and unique Spanish colonial architecture, Vigan City exudes old-world colonial charm, inviting you to take a step back in time. The town plaza, Plaza Salcedo, is a good place to start if you’re up for a walking tour. But to truly experience Vigan at its finest, ride a calesa (horse-drawn buggy) down the picturesque Calle Crisologo – open streets lined with authentic Spanish Era ancestral houses, and Vigan City’s crowning glory.

San Agustin Church, Manila

Located inside the historic walled city of Intramuros, Manila, the San Agustin Church is one of four proud members under the Baroque Churches of the Philippines – a collection of the most treasured Spanish-era churches in the country, that served as the political backbone of Spanish colonial rule.

The original San Agustin Church in Intramuros, Manila, was the very first religious structure constructed by the Spaniards on the island of Luzon. Today, it is the third church to be erected, but the present edifice is still nothing short of magnificent, having been patterned after the medieval Augustinian temples of Mexico.

Known for its interior, the Church promises an enchanting experience, complete with traces of the original Mexican wall painting, and choir seats carved with ivory inlays of the 17th Century. Intramuros may have lost its shine as the nerve center of the country during the 350-year Spanish rule, but the grandeur of Spain lingers in its ruins, and certainly in the San Agustin.

Taal, Batangas

The heritage town of Taal is famous for two things – its old ancestral houses, and being home to the largest church in the Philippines and Asia. Enter the Basilica of St. Martin de Tours, which stands at a massive 88.6 metres long and 48 metres wide.

Around town you can find historic and grand ancestral homes, some of which have been converted to museums open to the public. Head over to the Villa Tortuga for a slice of upper class life during the Spanish regime – the dinner package includes dress-up time where you can don period dresses and have it immortalized in a souvenir photo. A tourist trap? Maybe, but Taal was declared a National Historical Landmark for a reason.

Santa Maria Church, Ilocos Sur

Ilocos Sur isn’t just known for Vigan City. This Philippine province is also where the Santa Maria Church, or the Nuestra Señora dela Asunción, can be found. Curiously enough, the Santa Maria Church isn’t built following the traditional Spanish urban town plan of situating a church in the heart of the town plaza. Instead, it stands alone majestically on the crown of a freestanding hill enclosed completely by a high stone wall – a true fortress!

Another UNESCO World Heritage Site, and part of the Baroque Churches of the Philippines, the Santa Maria was built on top of a hill as a religious center by both the friars of the citadel and the soldiers of Spain. Made entirely of brick, it makes for quite a sight, especially with the sweeping stone stairways connecting it to the town, and to a cemetery. The outer walls are built with buttresses of typical Earthquake Baroque architecture, which is probably why it still stands today in its original form.

Malolos City, Bulacan

Hailed as the Premiere Heritage City of Bulacan, Malalos City shines with historic importance, having been the center for many vital events that took place during the transition from the 19th to the 20th century – such as the establishment of the Constitutional Convention.

Take a scenic stroll around the many ancestral houses from the Spanish and American Colonial Eras, or wander through the numerous Spanish colonial churches and chapels scattered around. Malolos is one of the few towns in Philippines with three Spanish-era churches: the Barasoain Church, Malolos Cathedral, and Sta. Isabel. In August 2001, the historic little town of Malolos was declared a National Heritage Landmark.

The Barasoain Church is a Roman Catholic Church built in 1630, and is home to many prestigious titles. It housed the first Philippine Republic, as well as the Constitutional Convention – carving for itself a name of incredible historical importance amongst Filipinos and tourists alike. Doesn’t hurt that it’s one of the most beautiful churches in the Philippines.

Miagao Church (Sto. Tomas de Villanueva Parish Church), Iloilo

Last on the list doesn’t make this any less of a ‘must-see’! Looking at the grand Baroque architectural style of the Miagao Church, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’re suddenly in Europe. Don’t be fooled though, the church façade is a mixed influence of Medieval Spanish, Chinese, and Muslim elements, embellished with Filipino folk motifs, making it a stunning fusion of cultures.

Also known as the Sto. Tomas de Villanueva Parish Church, the Miagao Church is the third member of the Baroque Churches of the Philippines – and with good reason. This mighty fortress has withstood typhoons, earthquakes, and even rebellious arson during the revolution against Spain in 1898, and the Philippine-American War.

The distinct yellow-orange sandstone is reminiscent of old western gothic cathedrals, and the Miagao Church is a shining example of a traditional Spanish Baroque fortress. And standing on the highest point of the town, it’s a guarantee that you’ll be glad you made the trip. 

About the AuthorWriter Amanda is only 156cm, but has a big heart for travel. When she’s not daydreaming about cruising open-top convertibles down Sunset Boulevard, you can find her furiously googling for budget flights on Kayak. And one day she will own all the shoes in the world. She also writes for ShopBack.ph.

The Perfect Honey Moon Destination: Paris or Rome?

They say June is a month filled with weddings and we all know that weddings is usually followed by the couple's honeymoon.Europe is probably one of the top picks of a lot couples for their dream honeymoon destination, because who wouldn't want to spend that special day in a place filled with historical monuments and scenic landscape. For couples who are considering having their honeymoon in Europe, Paris and Rome are two of your best options. 

Our friends from Parisapartmentsbynumbers.com have created this awesome infographic that compares what Paris and Rome have to offer to tourists and travellers (especially honeymooners).

Paris vs. Rome

How to Solve Financial Shortfalls to Achieve Financial Freedom

Face it: money is definitely one of the most important things in the world. And because it is important, it’s just imperative that it should be used well and must be taken care of—unless you want to go broke and end up living in misery.

Well, with the economic status of the Philippines these days, saving money and making practical budget could sometimes be a problem. But, it doesn’t mean that your financial troubles can no longer be solved. Here are some financial problems and simple solutions that can be done.

1. Overspending 
The Solution: Control yourself and cut back on your expenses.

Sometimes, when you have all this money on hand, you feel like it’s endless and that you can spend it all right away, and you just buy whatever you see in the mall.

Well, you can control your expenses by making a list of what exactly you need to buy and by going where you know you can buy these things instead of going to each and every shop in the mall. This way, you won’t be tempted to pick up and buy the very first thing you see.

2. High Bills
The Solution: Review your bills and see why they’re that high.

The problem with most people is that they don’t try to understand the root of the problem. So, the electric bills have reached an all-time high. Why don’t you ask yourself and your family why?

Maybe, you have the electric fans and the air-conditioners on the whole day, or none of you turns off the television even when no one is watching. Or, maybe the water bill is high because some of you spend 1 to 2 hours in the bathroom. Realizing what you’re doing will help you see how much you really have been spending—and will help you decide that you need not only save money, you need to save water and electricity, as well.

3. Debt
The Solution: Take care of the necessities first.

Sometimes, debts happen because people think that they don’t have enough money and that they need more just so they could buy whatever it is that they want to buy, but the thing is that you can actually make use of what you have with you instead of resorting to other people for financial help.

Credit Cards are also big sources of temptations—and debt. The thing is, when you have a credit card, you tend to buy more than you should. But just imagine, without that credit card, you’d know exactly how much you have with you and how much you could spend—so you wouldn’t have to pay for anything else later.

If you have debts, make sure that you address them rather than escape from them. Paying little by little is so much better than not paying at all.

4. Source of income is not enough
The Solution: Try online jobs.

And finally, if you feel like your income is not enough or your husband’s income can no longer fit the family’s needs, remember that it’s okay to take online jobs. These days, so many opportunities are available online. You can work as a copywriter, a translator, or an ESL teacher, among others, while in the comfort of your own home. Taking other jobs would definitely get you on the road to financial freedom.

Remember, for every problem, there is a solution. You can work through your financial problems—this guide is the perfect start. Good Luck!

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5 Beauty Trends with Major Benefits

Women and beauty are synonymous with each other and 2014 saw women take to beauty and skin care in a big way. No longer are women looking at just quick repairs but are now focusing more on using make –up and beauty products for a better skin and are focusing a lot on their skin care regime to look fresh and beautiful naturally, rather than succumb to surgical or non-surgical procedures which can have drastic side effects too.

Let’s look at some of the major up-coming beauty trends this year so that you do not feel out of place and can follow the latest trends, straight from the runway and red carpet celebrities:

1.Go natural

Women are going all out for natural products with no chemicals to protect their skin from any harm. You may get some fabulous natural products by using nykaa coupons. However be careful as all that claims to be natural or organic need not necessarily be one. Read the back label carefully and scan the list of ingredients to be sure. Also have a look at the product reviews and the brand image before you try it on yourself.

2.Try virgin coconut oil

Virgin coconut oil is pure coconut oil that is extracted from a wet coconut. It is excellent not only for your skin but can also be consumed for losing weight and boosting your immunity. It gives a natural glow to the skin, takes away all dryness and prevents skin allergies and infections. Coconut oil can also replace the oil in which you cook and do wonders for your body.

3.Experiment with Bright Pink Lipstick

Enough of the nudes and earthy shades; this summer look bright and beautiful with a dash of pink on your pout. It would add color to your face and you would feel and look energetic and feminine. With these bright lips you would not need any other make-up on the face. Just team it with a nude make-up on the face and look rocking. Even a simple garment would look bright and colorful when teamed up with a bright pink lipstick.

4.Dewy Skin

Another hot favorite look on the runway this year has been the dewy look. Fresh, glowing, dew skin is a hot favorite amongst all. You just need a good base, concealer, a dash of peach blush and a suitable lip color and you’re all set to look dew-drop fresh.

5.Use your makeup for skincare

Opt for make-up that promises to repair your skin with powerful skin treatments, like a foundation that acts like an antioxidant or concealers that are anti-aging agents etc. You can get best offers on make up at SaveMyPocket and save quite a bit of money. Do not buy make-up just for looking dolled up. The bottom line is you should apply only that product which is good for your skin and apart from making you look beautiful, it helps repair the damage in your skin.

About of the Author: 

The article is written by a renowned blog writer, Vanshika Kardam, who has special expertise in articles on gadgets, smartphones, appliances and has a very good readership. 

Hurom Juicer and SpeedyCourse to Give Free Juicing Seminar this Week

SpeedyCourse Philippines in collaboration with Hurom Slow Juicer is giving a free health and wellness seminar this week entitled Juicing for Health, Beauty and Wellness.

The event will feature Maria Socorro Cocoi M. Andal, a naturopathy and Health & Wellness advocate. She will be delivering a talk about how the human body needs true nutrition and how fruits and vegetables transformed into juices can provide these nutrients.

She will also be giving a demo using a Hurom Slow juicer on different juicing recipes for multi-dimensional needs. The free juicing seminar will be held on March 28, 2015 at the roofdeck of Prestige Tower in Ortigas at around 9PM to 12 midnight.

4 Driving Safety Tips Before Hitting the Road on Vacation

One of the things my dad always told me: if I wanted to drive, I have to always be calm, cool, and collected. Back in the day, I was a very angry young adult that had the tendency to throw F-bombs and PIs in loud volumes, so my dad never allowed me behind the wheel.

Years later, I can imagine why! Driving around in the streets of the Philippines, especially Metro Manila, can drive anyone mad with anger, and that can lead to road rage, which leads to, well, car "accidents." These sorts of accidents don’t always enjoy car insurance coverage, so it’s always best to avoid getting angry while on the road.

That’s just but one tip or advice if you want to drive safely around the Metro or if you’re planning to go on a long road trip for the weekend: keep a calm, cool, and collected attitude on the road.

Some friends of mine turn to just doing loud commentary on how bad driving is on the roads of EDSA, C-5, and Commonwealth while they drive down these roads instead of rolling down their windows and dropping loud F-bombs. Some even manage to find their inner Zen while driving— an amazing feat, really!

But what other tips are there besides keeping a cool head to drive safely on road trips?

1. Stay Healthy

Yes, stay fit and healthy! Avoid driving when you feel a headache coming up, if you have a bad stomach, or if you’ve just taken medicine that can make you drowsy. Regular medical check-ups to make sure your eyesight is road safe is also a good idea: you need to keep your eyes on the road, after all!

2. Stay Alert

Always keep your eye on the road. Check your mirrors: side view and rear view, to see oncoming vehicles from behind you. Don't forget to use signals when turning. If you think you're too tired to drive, don't! Same if you're feeling sick or sleepy.

When I go to road trips with friends, there always has to be someone awake to chat with the designated driver, so he doesn’t fall asleep. You need to stay alert and your reflexes fast since you need them while driving.  Definitely avoid driving when you’ve just had one too many beers—that’s driving under the influence, and is punishable by law.

3. Plan Ahead

Always plan the route you're taking beforehand. Check traffic sites to see which roads are blocked or congested so you can avoid getting stranded in the middle of nowhere for hours. This will only stress and tire you out, making you uncomfortable during the drive.

4. Go Hands-Free

And by Hands-Free, we don’t mean hands-free on the wheel! Put your devices on hands-free mode. Install a phone dock on your car’s dashboard so you can easily utilise the voice functions of your phone. Phone docks can also help you greatly if you have a GPS app or a social traffic app like Waze to help you avoid heavy traffic. Going hands-free means you will have less distractions while driving, and you can keep your eyes on the road and both hands on the wheel.

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Akira and Sumo Sam Offers Consumers with V-day Goodies

Looking for a good place to go on a date this Valentine’s day? Akira and Sumo Sam are offering its patrons some freebies to make this special day even sweeter. From February 12 to 15, the two restaurants will be offering free desserts to its customers at select branches in and out of the metro.


From Feb. 12-15, get a free dessert for minimum purchase of P1500. Available at SumoSam branches in Marquee, Rockwell, Shangri-la, Trinoma, Gateway, Greenbelt 3, MOA, Megamall, North EDSA and Nuvali.

Akira: The Art of Sushi and Teppanyaki
From Feb 12-15, get a free Orange Flambé vanilla ice cream for minimum purchase of P1,500. Available at Akira branches in Shangri-La Plaza, Robinsons Magnolia and Alphaland.

Hot-Air Balloon Festival – What to Expect

Now on its 19th year, the hot-air balloon festival in Clark, Pampanga is one of the much-anticipated events in the country. The festival is dubbed as the biggest gathering of local and foreign aviators performing different sorts of aerial activities aside from the main highlight of the festival which is the hot-air balloon flying. In lieu with the coming festival, which will be held from February to 12th to 15th, here are the scheduled activities during this 4-day event. 

On the first day as well as the second to the fourth day, the day will start with an RC UFO flying. Before the actual balloon flight, there will be a skydiving and after that, a motorized paragliding exhibition. Around 9am, the activities will continue with a microlight aircraft formation flights with flour bombing. A car drifting show is also included. Other aircraft shows to follow are fly-bys and aerobatic maneuvers, RC aerobatics show, and tandem sky jump. By 11am, a light aircraft balloon bursting competition will begin. This is an activity that will occur from the first to the fourth day of the festival. Aside from more aerobatic shows and aircraft demonstration, there will be a kite flying exhibition and rocketry in the afternoon.

On the second day, almost the same set of activities will be witnessed. This time, however, there will be new sets of riders and pilots. For instance, an aerobatic glider flight and RC jet turbine model aircraft demonstration.

On the third day, which will fall on February 14th (Valentine’s Day), there will be a concert around 6pm and before the Night Glow starts. Night Glow is an activity wherein all hot-air balloons will be lit while on the field. Nonetheless, other activities to watch out for are helicopter flight display, paragliding tow exhibition and rescue demonstration courtesy of the Philippine Coast Guard. That is, apart from the usual aerobatics shows and skydiving exhibitions. 

On the last day, other than the staples of the event (aircraft formation flight, aerobatic show, skydiving exhibition, fly-bys, aircraft demonstration, etc.), there will be a hell demonstration, again, to be performed by the Coast Guards. On the evening, the 2nd Night Glow will occur. This will be capped off by a grand fireworks display.

From the first to the fourth day, hot-air balloon fly-in will start at 5pm after the motorized paragliding exhibition.

Spectators are welcome to experience the activities. You may purchase a paragliding ticket for $100, an airplane ride ticket for $120, a balloon ride ticket for $300 and tandem skydive for $400 each per participant. A general entrance ticket is available for Php300 valid for only 1 person for 1 day. The organizers are also offering a VIP ticket inclusive of priority entrance, afternoon tea, and lounge access. Tickets are available online. Children 3ft and below will be admitted free of charge.

Indeed, this will be a weekend of everything that flies. Bring your friends with you and marvel at the magnificence of hot-air balloons in the sky. This is a once in a lifetime event where you can witness various flying activities in one place.  Surely, this will be a weekend filled with adventure and fun!
About the Author :  Jeric is a Filipino guest poster that is currently working as a copywriter in Optimind Technology Solutions, a digital marketing agency that provide services including SEO, web design, Facebook and mobile app development.

Sumo Sam: Japanese Fusion for the Masses

There are already a number of Japanese restaurants that are scattered all over the metro but none of them have yet to establish a name for itself as the defacto brand when it comes to Japanese cuisine. One particular restaurant that’s trying to put its name on the map is Sumo Sam.

A couple of weeks ago, our editors got an invite to a movie screening in Makati and was lucky enough to get gift certificates to Sumo Sam. So my friend and I took the GCs and decided to check out what kind of food this resto had to offer.


Sumo Sam isn’t exactly what you’d call an authentic Japanese restaurant. Instead, it offers food that’s what you would call as Japanese fusion – a cuisine that combines elements of different culinary traditions, which in this case Japanese and Filipino flavors.

Their menu offers a comprehensive option of Japanese delicacies from sushi, sashimi, tempura, soups, ramen, noodles, donburi and bento among others. We tried fried gyozas, the all meat fried rice and chicken tempura with fried potatoes.

I’m not really a big fan of this particular type of food, but all in all, the experience was quite adequate. The chicken tempura was really delicious, well-cooked and comes with a mayo-based dip. Gyozas on the other hand, were crispy, though I would have preferred if the dipping sauce was a bit more out of the ordinary. Lastly, the all-meat fried rice was okay, although I think it doesn’t need the shredded nori on top.


The restaurant’s services were in fact very fast. The food we ordered was served in fewer than 10 or 15 minutes and the staff were very attentive whenever we call their attention. We also ordered a bottomless drink and we were surprised that the staff was constantly refilling it even without us asking.


The Sumo Sam branch that we visited was the one at SM Megamall just beside the food court. Honestly, I think the restaurant should invest in making their place a bit better or actually consider moving to a different location. The ambiance was actually the worst part of the dining experience.

As it is located just beside the food court, a lot of people are passing us by all the time making the place a bit noisy for us to eat comfortably. The dining area is open and gives the restaurant quite a tacky feel, which doesn’t really reflect the price they’re charging for their food.


To sum it all up, Sumo Sam offers a somewhat unique menu of Japanese fusion. In terms of taste, its food can do some sprucing up to accentuate its Japanese flavors. As for its branch at SM Megamall, we wish they could do some renovation and get the place a bit cozier and quieter or better yet, move to a better location with better seating.

Style Inspiration : Lee Gyu Won (Park Shin Hye) on Heartstrings

Are you looking for something girly to wear on a date with your significant other? 

Here are some style ideas that you can get from Lee Gyu Won (Park Shin Hye) from the Korean Drama Series, Heartsrings. Lee Gyu Won wore a lot of skirts in the series, a few shorts and no pants at all. You can see her most of the time in a blouse + cardigan + long skirt + sandals combo. 

Next, is the shirt + shorts/mini skirts + sandals combo.

Being comfortable on a date is very important, that's why it's alright if you'll leave your stilettos at home and wear a pair pretty sandals instead. This won't hurt your feet when you and your significant other decide to do some walking. 

Are you thinking of getting long skirts and sandals too for your next date, visit Zalora Philippines! You can also Find women's tops at http://www.zalora.com.ph/women/clothing/tops/ .

Canon to Hold PH Leg of its PhotoMarathon Comp this Weekend

Shutterbugs interested in taking on some competition will be delighted to know that Canon is hosting the national leg of its PhotoMarathon competition both for amateurs and professionals this coming Saturday, November 8 at the High Street of Bonifacio Global City in Taguig.

The Canon PhotoMarathon is an on-the-spot photography competition designed to push the participants’ creativity by letting them capture photos following a theme under time pressure. The competition is already on its ninth year. Participants will be divided into two groups based on their equipment – Point & Shoot and ILC categories. All entries will be judged by the Canon Crusaders of Light.

Winning entry for 2014 Photomarathon University for the Point & Shoot Category by Agatha Albano. Taken with a Canon Powershot SX80. 

Winning entry for 2014 Photomarathon University for the Digital Camera with Interchangeable Lenses Category by Raymond Paredes. Taken with a Canon EOS 60D.

Over three thousand amateur and professional photographers are expected to join the event. Canon will be awarding major prizes to the winning participants. For the Point & Shoot category, Canon will be giving away a Canon EOS 700D, a dual-arm Foto Crane from Steady Tracker, a BlackRapid camera strap, a 32GB Wi-Fi SD card from Transcend and 1 international round trip ticket from Cebu Pacific.

On the other hand, those who will be joining the Interchangeable Lens category will have the chance to win a Canon EOS 7D Mark II, a dual-arm Foto Crane from Steady Tracker, a BlackRapid camera strap, a 1TB Wi-Fi SD card from Transcend and again 1 international round trip ticket from Cebu Pacific.

Winning entry for the 2013 Canon Photomarathon Philippines for the Point & Shoot Category by Luis Alexander. Taken with a Canon Powershot S110.

Winning entry for the 2013 Canon Photomarathon Philippines for the Cameras with Interchangeable lens category by Maricris Carlos. Taken with a Canon EOS 1000D.

The event will start as early as 8AM, so those interested in joining the event should adjust their alarm clocks accordingly. Moreover, Canon will also be holding a special sale in High Street from November 7 to November 9 to cater to photography enthusiasts looking to get some new gear.

For more information and updates about the Canon PhotoMarathon, you can visit the event’s website of Canon’s Facebook page using this link.

Canon Outs New Productivity and Large Format Printers in PH

Canon is pushing for the improvement of the local printing industry in the Philippines by releasing tow new large format printers to empower print service providers and their customers.

On one hand there’s the imagePress color production cut-sheet presses, which include the imagePress C700 and the imagePress C800 which churns out 70ppm and 80ppm respectively. The C800 is capable of handling a wide variety of media including heavyweight coated stock and envelopes thanks to its Elastic Intermediate Transfer Belt that allows it to produce extensive applications on uneven materials such as textured or recycled media.

The printer utilizes a 32-beam Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL) unit with multi-exposure technology to deliver incredible detail and resolution up to 2400 x 2400 dpi. It also has a new AutoCorrect Color Tone (ACCT) feature that allows for multi-dimensional mixed color calibration.

Other notable features of the C800 include Consistently Vivid (CV) technology that allows for improved transfer efficiency for enhanced color consistency and accuracy across various mediums, and a Compact Registration Technology (CRT) that ensures every single image is placed at the same spot on every sheet thereby granting the user with precision alignment for large volume print jobs.

And speaking of large volume print jobs, the C800 offers a new multi-drawer paper deck with three new technologies, which prevents misfeeds even with coated stocks. There’s also a built-in induction heating and cooling technology to allow the device to moderate its internal temperature intelligently to optimize productivity with mixed jobs.

Finally there are the new Canon imagePROGRAF printers (iPF8410SE and iPF6410SE) that offer high quality large-format printing. The printers in this range features six-color pigment ink system for lowered ink usage.

Just like the C800, the imagePROGRAF printers are compatible with a wide array of print media and enables users to produce vibrant posters through enhanced basic performance for the creation of posters and other point of purchase materials. Moreover, both models come with two ink tanks which allow them to continue printing even if the tank runs out of ink due to the sub-ink tanks installed.

The iPF6410SE comes with a free copy of Canon’s PosterArtist Lite software for easy poster editing. Both models also come with a Print Plug-in for Office that should make it easy for users to design, preview and print posters from Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and Word.

For more information about these products, you may visit Canon’s website using this link.

VIY: The Spirit of Evil to Hit Manila Theatres This Week

If you’re a fan of M. Night Shyamalan’s works, then Universal Pictures’ VIY: The Spirit of Evil will definitely be your cup of tea. This dark fantasy film based on a Nikolai Gogol story of the same name will be opening this week in theatres in Manila starting October 22.

The movie was produced by Russian Film Group and Marins Group and stars Jason Flemyng from the film The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. The production was set in 17th century Eastern Europe in a small town in Ukraine allegedly plagued by an evil spirit called Viy who has the ability to murder and takes the soul of his victim with just a gaze of his many eyes.

Jason Flemying plays the part of cartographer Jonathan Greene and the story of his arrival and stay at the small village, where he meets several characters that all played a part in the mystery surrounding the myths about Viy and the unexplained things happening in the village.

The film was shot in Prague and became a certified hit when it was released in Russia earlier this year taking in $17 million on its first week.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, the movie will be shown starting October 22 in 3D in select theatres in Metro Manila and in 2D movie houses nationwide. Those who will watch the movie will also get a chance to win an iPhone 6 via the film’s Facebook competition.

To be eligible for the prize, participants simply need to writer their name and signature on their movie ticket (the side where the movie title is visible) and then take a selfie with their ticket and post it on the movie’s official Facebook page. Users must like the page and click the “Watch and Win iPhone 6 promo logo” for the next steps and for them to enter their complete details.

There will be three winners of an iPhone 6 unit, which will be drawn on October 25, 28, and 31. Winners will be announced on different communication channels including the VIY Facebook page, the Futuretainment Facebook page, the Futuretainment Instagram page (@futureupdate) and of course the winners’ registered emails.

Do note that participants can only enter once during the entire promo.

Lamborghini Shows Off its Hybrid Concept Car

Whenever we hear the name Lamborghini, certain qualities often come to our minds. These include luxury, speed and power; but definitely not economy. But future Lambo cars may soon be branded differently as the Italian supercar maker might be considering going green.

The Lamborghini Asterion LPI 910-4, which was unveiled at this year’s Paris Auto Show is the company’s first hybrid super car. The vehicle features four engines: a V10 aspirated engine and 3 electric motors that can work in three modes delivering either economy or blistering speed.

Drivers can use either the V10 engine only for that typical Lamborghini feel, use the 3 electric front-drive engines for a more gas-efficient drive or better yet, combine the power of both the gas electric engine to generate over 900 horsepower giving the car a top speed of around 320kph.

The car’s body is made up of a mixture of carbon fiber and aluminum. Other notable features of the Asterion include carbo-ceramic brakes and a plug-in mode to easily charge the car’s lithium battery.


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